I was born in the Medway Towns and raised in Portsmouth where I studied art. I've always found the rugged beauty of the celtic landscape inspirational, and in 1991 I moved to West Ireland. It was there I began to pursue a more abstract style. I returned to England and found my home in the wild, isolated scenery of West Penwith in Cornwall. 

My Pottery

I am a potter and a painter living in Sennen, I got my inspiration from the ever changing movement and stunning colours of the sea. After walking across the dunes in the morning I come to my studio and ready to create. I fins the forms of rocks and the veins in the stones on the beach fascinating. My inspiration derives from the abstraction found in natural form. My pots are thrown on the wheel and I use white stoneware clay. This provides a perfect blank canvas for colour and an ideal surface for etching the free flowing lines of natural, organic form. In both my pottery and painting, I am at heart an abstractionist. 

My Paintings


My work is displayed in Make Industries, Penzance. http://www.makeindustries.co.uk/
My work can also be seen in the Mousehole Gallery, Mousehole. It can also be seen in Gallery Five - Bank Square, St. Just.   My work is also displayed in many of the Craft Markets around Penwith, watch this space for when and where.



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